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*Review* It was you by Ashley Beale


Epic. Gut-wrenching. Sorrow. Love. Bonds. Trust.

All these words come into play when I read this book! I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into when I started reading, but this for sure is at the top of my list of favorite books.

Have you ever wanted to throat punch a character, even tho it's a fictional one? Well that was me! I wanted to jump into the book and kick the one guys butt!! I seriously was so mad at him! Ugh. The heroine gave me the feels. Bad. I felt for her on so many levels. Then when someone else entered the story, I fell in love. Like the " I want to have your babies" type of love. He wasn't only trying to help in more ways than one, but he was caring and attentive and oh man, you have got to read this to know what I'm talking about!!!!

This book is top priority and a must read! I'm a huge Ashley Beale fan and I swear every time I read her work, I wanna tackle hug her! One of the best I've read by her!!!

5 out of 5 stars!
**Copy was provided by author**

Thursday, September 17, 2015

**Review** Love, Untamed by Ra'chael Ohara


Where do I even begin ??

Eva has known all her life that she's adopted. She internally questioned everything. She never felt like she belonged. When she meets with a lawyer, she finds out that her only living relative, has not only passed, but has left her everything. Knowing what she knows now, has her questioning everything all over again. Heading to get answers, she meets the ever so brooding yet sexy Brantley. He awakes things in her she didn't know we're dead.

The ever so swoon worthy Brantley sees a princess. A spoiled rotten princess, who he finds highly attractive but wants nothing to do with... Or does he?

I admit, I wanted to throat punch Brantley. Hard. But after reading more, I fell in love with him! This is a first that I'm reading by this author and I'll tell ya, best decision ever!! I literally could not stop reading! I was up til 1am so I could finish it!! Absolutely amazing!!
5 out of 5 stars for sure!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Release Extravaganza: Capture by Rachel Van Dyken

CAPTURE is the first installment in a brand new stand alone series by Rachel Van Dyken… Being an assistant to Holywood’s newest heartthrob Lincoln Greene would be hard enough without being mute, but that’s what Dani is. She hasn’t spoken since her parents’ death… This is one summer romance that you don’t want to miss!

*This is a complete stand alone with no cliffhanger*
Losing your ability to speak at the age of seventeen; it's not normal or fair.

But trauma, has a way of throwing normality out the window.

Dani lives anything but a normal life.

Her sister is married to one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Her best friends are rockstar duo AD2.

And she has more love around her than most people experience in a lifetime.

But that doesn't change the fact their parents are dead.

Or that it's her fault.

It seems her new normal is being a mute, living on the inside, unable to actually communicate on the outside.

That is until Hollywood's newest heartthrob Lincoln Greene hires her as his assistant for the summer.

He's gorgeous, completely unavailable, and unobtainable.

But that doesn't stop her from wondering...if things were different...would he want her?

If she was whole, would he be the other half?

Safeway was packed. I sent a text over to Lincoln that I’d grab the waffle mix if he wanted to wait in line at Starbucks. I knew he was thankful. Already he was getting odd looks from people. It was in the paper that filming was taking place for the next few months, and he was a dead giveaway with his Lakers hat and Ray-Bans.
I quickly weaved through the grocery-cart traffic until I reached the pancake and waffle mixes.
He hadn’t specified what brand he wanted.
So I just picked the one that said organic, assuming that was probably what he’d want anyway.
“Dani?” a familiar male voice called. “Is it really you?”
Shivers ran down my spine as I turned and came face to face with my ex-boyfriend.
“You’re back.” He grinned, looking like an innocent boy. He looked how I should have looked at that same age… innocent, wide eyed, excited about life. “Are you going to be finishing senior year?”
I tried to speak. I wanted to so bad. I begged my stupid mouth to move. I prayed to God that I wouldn’t be embarrassed or that he wouldn’t think I was a total bitch, too good for him.
I made a croaking noise.
He frowned.
I tried again.
“Oh.” He took a step back. “You’re still sick, huh? That has to suck, not talking… have you ever tried just being better?”
Have I ever tried just being better? Light bulb! Why hadn’t I thought of that? Someone give him a prize!
“I mean…” He stepped forward. “… don’t you think it’s kind of immature to use this to get all that attention?”
Tears stung my eyes as another figure made its way down the aisle.
“Elliot, hurry up — oh…” Amanda his new girlfriend, my ex-best friend paused mid-sentence. “Dani, you’re back!”
Fake smile.
Fake boobs — compliments of her rich parents.
And by the looks of it, fake lips. Great.
“We’ve missed you.” She reached out to hug me.
I took a step back.
Rolling her eyes, she motioned to Elliot. “We gotta run, homecoming court and all that. I’m sure you would understand if you actually stopped pretending to be traumatized and went to school.”
Angry, so angry that the words wouldn’t come, I opened my mouth again. This time a weird mewling noise came out, one I’d never before uttered. I sounded like a lamb caught in someone’s fence.
Amanda burst out laughing. “Anyone ever told you that you could be an actress just like your sister? How is she, by the way? Knocked up by that movie star, what’s his name?”
“Jamie Jaymeson,” came Lincoln’s smooth voice. “We’ll be sure to let him know you said hi.” He wrapped a possessive arm around me and pulled me close to his chest. A war raged within me — lean on him like I actually needed him and was thankful for his save, or jerk away and embarrass myself more.
I leaned in.
He smelled like Starbucks coffee and leather.
“No way!” Amanda smacked Elliot in the shoulder. “You’re Lincoln Greene!”
“Yup.” He held a tight smile. “I’m sorry, and you are?”
“Friends.” Amanda blurted. “Old friends with Dani.”
“Well, that’s weird.” He shared a look with me and squeezed. “I’ve known Dani here for a while, and she’s never mentioned you. Not once.”
Amanda’s face turned bright red. “Well, she doesn’t talk, so maybe that’s why.”
Lincoln grinned tightly. “She talks.”
Oh no. What was he doing!
“But only to people extremely close to her, right, baby?” He kissed the top of my head and sighed. “Anyway, we’re late. Nice meeting you. What was your name again?”
“A-amanda.” She jutted her chin out.
“Right.” Lincoln had the whole little-people stare down like an expert. Even I flinched when he haughtily dismissed the two of them and steered me back down the aisle.
“Assholes,” he muttered under his breath as he angrily grabbed the mix from my hands then swiped his card.
“Are you a rewards member?” the checker asked.
Lincoln stared him down.
The checker swallowed slowly. “I’ll take that as a no.”
I grabbed the mix while Lincoln snatched the receipt and tugged me toward the truck. He opened my door, and I climbed inside.
He didn’t shut it.
I frowned as he braced himself against the door frame. “Are you okay?”
I shrugged.
He licked his full lips then grabbed his phone and started typing.

Linc: I’ll go back and publicly shame them both, just say the word.
Dani: Ex-boyfriend, ex-best friend. Both have ex in front of their name for a reason.

Lincoln read the text and glanced up, his eyes locking on me. “You dated that?”
I slumped down in my seat and typed in my phone.

Dani: He’s the quarterback.

Lincoln’s face twisted into a bitter smile. “I don’t give a shit. He’s an asshole.”
Dani: We all deal with grief in different ways. He loved my dad. It was hard on him losing us both.

“But you lived.” Lincoln argued.

Dani: Is that what I’m doing right now?

He didn’t answer. He stared at the text then glanced back up at me. “Jaymeson never told me. He just said you needed a job and were a selective mute. I looked it up online.” He looked embarrassed. “Beyond that, I don’t know your story. But I do know this. You lived for a reason. So what you do right now — even if it’s as simple as getting out of bed every day — it matters.”
He shut the door.
The static silence greeted me, making my body tense with a tingling awareness, almost as if someone had just pressed cold paddles to my chest and shouted, “Clear!”
“So,” Lincoln jumped into the truck, cleared his throat and started the engine. “Jaymeson said you baked. Please tell me that includes making kick-ass waffles.”
I gave a solitary nod.
“Thank God.”
And that was it.

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.
She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!
Want to be kept up to date on new releases? Text MAFIA to 66866!
You can connect with her on Facebook or join her fan group Rachel’s New Rockin Readers. Her website is

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Cover Reveal: More Than A Fling by Amber Nation

Title: More Than A Fling
Series: A Cottage Grove Novel
Author: Amber Nation
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 9, 2015
Julia Caldwell has long since mastered the art of seduction in order to catch the only thing on her radar; one night stands. Having two failed marriages under her belt, she’s learned to keep her feelings in check and remain aloof, not wanting to get caught up in another pesky relationship only for it to end eventually in heartache. As the manager of a prestigious Hair Salon in Nashville, she succeeds in keeping the opposite sex at arms-length except when it suits her and her needs. That is until she lands on Cottage Grove soil.

Dean Parker has just as many failed marriages against him, and with being a divorce lawyer it eventually has him thinking that’s why his conquests always fall through, due to his occupation. After seeing his two childhood friends rekindle their flame and earning the happily ever after he so desperately craves, he decides to give up. That it’s not worth the heartache he’s been put through. Until he meets the snarky spitfire who gets under his skin.

Throwing the two of them together in the same town for the wedding of their best friends, Julia isn’t against having another fling, even if it is with Dean, but he definitely has other plans of making it more than that. Amongst their non-defined affair, lurking somewhere in the darkness is a shadow from one of their pasts who will stop at nothing to make sure that happily ever after’s stay where they belong, in the fairy tales.

I dashed into the airport, barely escaping the torrential downpour, and went straight for the airline itinerary board to make sure Julia’s plane was still on time. I was willing to start completely over and let the past stay in the past, as long as she was. Which was why I was a gentleman enough to come into the airport and offer to help her out with her luggage.
I hung out near the baggage claim, where soon enough Julia would make her appearance.
I didn’t have to wait long before I caught a glimpse of her waiting by the baggage carousel and heaving her big-ass luggage to the floor. Once she stood upright again and glanced my way she literally took my breath away. Something about her made me want her with every fiber of my being. Even after being on a plane for several hours she looked as if she had walked right off a page of a magazine; that was until she came closer towards me and opened her mouth.
“Why in the hell are you here?” She sneered in my direction, with venom and annoyance.
So much for turning over a new leaf and being gentlemanly.
I shoved my hands in my pockets and rolled back on my heels, “Do you think I actually volunteered for this?”
She took just a brief second to peruse my body, so quick that she probably didn’t think I noticed. But I noticed, oh yeah I did.
“Yes,” she turned up a side of her freshly painted lips, “more than likely,” she said flatly.
“Yeah, because chauffeuring your ass around was high on my bucket list.” I made a motion to check off that next item on my imaginary list.
“Oh please,” she huffed. “This is probably the most excitement you’ve seen in a month.”
“No, that award definitely goes to Eden. She’s teetering on the verge of a breakdown.”
Her eyes softened at the mention of her friend and all the stress she was enduring. Perhaps there was a heart placed in the cold cavity in her chest. “Well, then what are we standing around here gabbing for then? I have a best friend to help!” She pivoted on her heel and began walking towards the exit doors of the airport, giving me an unabashed view of her fine ass as she sashayed away from me.
Right before she reached the exit doors, I came up and stopped in front of her, ready to burst her bubble. Looking down at her immaculate outfit, including what I would guess to be four-inch heels, I said, “I see you made sure to bring your winter coat, but I hope you packed rain boots. It’ll suck trying to walk to my car in the pouring rain in those heels,” I pointed down to her stunning footwear that I just couldn’t help picturing wrapped around my waist. Even though she drove me crazy with her smart ass remarks, I was a man after all and I wasn’t ashamed to admit that I found her extremely attractive.
Her eyes went wide and I had to try my hardest to hold back my laughter that was undoubtedly threatening to erupt. “No…I didn’t even think about it. Are you parked far?”
“At the end of the loading/unloading zone.” Her face immediately fell following my words, this was just too much fun.
“Well, can you pull my luggage?” That was what I had initially come in for, but since she wanted to start off by being a bitch, those weren’t my intentions any longer.
“Ah, sorry,” I replied, acting a bit sympathetic. “An independent woman such as yourself doesn’t need any help from a man.”
“Ugh,” she stomped one of her heels against the concrete floor, making the sound echo throughout the lobby.  “I really hate you,” she bit out between her clenched teeth.

“Oh, the feeling is definitely mutual,” I smiled smugly to myself, pulled up the hood to my coat, readjusted, and patted the umbrella that was resting in the inside pocket of my jacket. I chuckled under my breath, if she knew that I had an umbrella in my possession, she would no doubt change her tune. But where would be the fun in that? I'd just keep that nugget of information to myself.

Amber is a stay at home mom currently residing in Southern Indiana with her husband and two beautiful daughters. If she’s not shopping, going to concerts or  roadtrips, or having her nose stuck in a book you’ll often find her at the ball field watching one of the numerous sports that her girls are involved in.

She is the author of the contemporary romance Brown County Series, titles include Not Alone, Runaway Love, How To Save A Life, and Unconditionally (M/M). And Cottage Grove series, More Than A Memory.


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Review: The Voyeur Next Door by Aircka Phoenix

He lived next door. Alison Eckrich was an expert at being invisible. Having been raised by a mother who saw only flaws, she had learned long ago to watch and never participate. Until him. He was gorgeous from what little she could make out through his bathroom window and he awakened things inside her she had always been told was wrong. But she didn’t care. She was addicted. Gabriel Madoc was no stranger to the cold sting of betrayal. His broken heart had left him hard and bitter and that was how he liked it. Until her. She was a vision in the soft twilight. Everything about her called to him. It didn’t even matter he couldn’t see her face. He wanted her. The rules were simple: No names. No faces. No attachments. They both had what the other needed so long as they never broke the rules. But what will happen when the mystery is unveiled and they both come face to face with the truth and each other? Is what they shared in the cloak of darkness enough to keep them together, or will reality tear them apart? 
Ali is a people watcher. She watches her neighbors as if it were a sitcom, but not in a creepy way. Noticing she has a new neighbor across the way, she watches for any hint about him, yet he's mysterious.

While walking one Fay, she bumps into an elderly man. After conversation is done, he offers her a job. She doesn't need it but takes it. His brooding, yet handsome grandson, Gave, loathes her for some reason. She uses her snarky attitude in defense.

She starts having chat sessions with her unseen and unknown neighbor after a night of watching. She has no idea who he is... Until a piece of information is given. It all comes crashing down and he is no longer a mystery. She doesn't know what to do.

This story was suspenseful yet hot!!!! This is a first for me by this author but it was a really good one! Would love to read more by her!

5 out of 5 stars

Buy Links: 
Amazon us: 
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Cover Reveal: PRETTY BIRD by Olivia Howe

 Title: Pretty Bird
Author: Olivia Howe
Release Day: Summer 2015
Hosted by: Beautiful Promotions


What would you do if you were in a tragic plane crash that killed everyone on board, except for you? 150 people died. 150 lives taken, including the love of your life. Would you call yourself lucky?
Kenna lost her forever, Derrick, the man she loved with all of her heart. Now she has to move on with her life, a life without Derrick in it. She will never see his smiling face again, or feel his lips against hers. How will she cope with her loss? How will she get through each and every day after this senseless tragedy?
Her life falls apart and diminishes slowly in front of her eyes, especially when she unravels the truth about the corruption that takes over people in power. The horrendous plane crash was nothing compared to the fear brought on by The Company, the shameful entity that controls if you live or die.
Kenna travels through a heartbreaking and questionable journey while examining the ties between love, loss, and corruption. Secrets will be revealed. New love will be found. They say that time heals all wounds. Is that true?


Olivia Howe resides in a small town located in Maine. Born in 1994, makes her a very young bestselling author. She was originally born in Florida, but she considers herself a Mainer. In her spare time she loves to write, listen to rock music, and spend time with her family. She's big on supporting authors and their books. She owns a book blog called Beautifully Broken Book Blog.
She's known for the Amazon Bestselling Series called The Dark Love Series. She has many more books in the works and some being published soon; including: Pretty Bird, Valentino County, The Prisoner's Wife, and book three in The Dark Love Series called Trying To Remember.
Olivia's family is her life. She has three beautiful nieces who she adores. They've helped inspire her to continue her writing career.
Olivia's a huge Heats, Patriots, and Red Sox fan, She's a TV show fanatic; her favorites include: The Walking Dead, Vikings, Grey's Anatomy, The O.C., Orphan Black, Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights, Homeland, Chicago Fire, and many more. Rock music is her life; her favorites include: Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Tesla, The Cure, Godsmack, Audioslave, Motley Crue, The Honorary Title, Candlebox, Evanescence, Lynyrd Sknyrd, and many more.



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Review: Packaged by SE Hall and Angela Graham

Amelia gets weird notes at work. She has no idea who it could be. She replies to it so they leave her alone. Once the letters stop they get resourceful and contact her another way.

At a party one night, the admirer is revealed... Well kinda. She starts falling for the mystery man. Little does she know just how attached she's getting to someone she barely knows.

This story was suspenseful and hot at the same time! I literally kept reading and turning pages faster than normal. I wanted to know who it was! To say I was shocked at the end, would be putting it mildly!! Blown away for sure!! Absolutely loved this book!!

5 out of 5 stars