Saturday, May 31, 2014

*REVIEW* Iron Sinners by HJ Bellus

All I can say is WOW!!! This book is down right raw, grimy, dirty and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Piper is a bad ass chick, she will tell you how it is and will be painfully honest. She will do anything to make her dreams come true and when I say ANYTHING that's what I mean!!!

"Grizz, you took everything from me. You hurt me, yet in a very strange way I find myself being thankful you're in my life."

Grizz is SIN!!! He is in a motorcycle club, he is sexy as hell. He has one hell of a bad attitude. While he has Piper he does what he can to protect her from his brothers.

You fucking touch her or even think about touching her, and I will kill you.”

Piper and Grizz's relationship is so screwed up! He uses other people to get her out of his head. There were parts in this book where I wanted to throw my kindle! I was so emotional! I was Laughing one minute, crying the next, in complete horror the next, my heart was squeezing in my chest.

I did one thing in your life. I gave you scars and ruined everything. I had to walk away to save you from me.”

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more like it did to me! You'll be hooked by page one! I honestly didn't want it to end!! 

*REVIEW* Miles by HJ Bellus

Holy Sh*t! I'm having a really hard time trying to put this into words..Talk about a roller coaster of emotion! I think I felt every emotion possible while reading Miles.

Willow is really down and a empty shell. The only thing keeping her going is Annie. She had her heart broken in a way no girl should have too!

Miles is a warm heart gentlemen. He's sweet caring and once he lays eyes on Willow he will do anything to have her.

I love being with you and you’re not broken, Willow. You’re perfect. You never have to be something else with me.”

I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone, I have to say I really didn't see that coming! It was the perfect twist to make this book even greater!!!!

*REVIEW* Tripp by HJ Bellus

Lacey is a witty carefree girl! She is does what she wants when she wants too. She is a rebel, she loves to party and has a mouth on her that is always getting her into trouble!

"Sometimes fucked-up people need to be there for each other. It could be a beautiful train wreck between us, you know."

Tripp is a bad boy and nothing but trouble, he's an addict. He's helping out on his cousins farm and trying to stay out of trouble. The last thing he needs is a relationship but he wants it.

"You are my Princess. I never get the girl and the happy ending. I'm making it happen this time."

One of my favorite quotes is...

You are my fucking drug, Lacey. You are it. I fucking need you to be mine. I. Fucking. Love. You.” He growled.

This book was phenomenal! I just couldn't get enough!! The sex scenes were scorching!!! Lacey and Tripp's story was so real you could feel what they were going threw! Such an emotional read but so worth it!!!

*REVIEW* Cree by HJ Bellus

 Amelia or Milly has had to deal with things that no person should go threw! It all started when she was 5 years old and her parents abandoned her in a trailer. Then she married the bastard! He is a no good piece of sh*t! After getting divorced she moves to a small town and becomes friends with a witty girl named Lacey. She wants to start checking things off her list so she does what she always wanted to a shop. That is where she met Cree Fitzpatrick.

Cree is a swoon-worthy sex on a stick! He is a gem! I fell in love with him so easily. I mean, HELLO, not only is he a hot, manly cowboy….but the man is funny, sarcastic, romantic and he is an amazing father!

Annie was just perfect!!! The things she would say! I was dying!! The sprinkles was the perfect touch!!

This book was phenomenal! I laughed, I cried, I swooned, and I cursed. My emotions were running wild, let me tell you. AMAZING!! There were moments where I could not read fast enough. In fact, there was one specific scene where I think I even stopped breathing all together!!!! I kept turning the pages wanting to know what happened next. 

*REVIEW* Try by Ella Frank

 **I received a copy from author for a honest review**
Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE M/M and Ella did not disappoint!
Tate is the hot bartender that works at the bar Logan goes to after work. He is hot as hell. He's going threw a messy divorce with his wife right now. He hasn't had sex in a year and is hoping he can change that with one of the beautiful women who come into the bar. What he doesn't expect is for Logan to be hitting on him and trying to get him in bed!

It’s like you expect me to flip a switch and just accept that everything I ever believed about myself has changed, and that I should be okay with that. Do you know how insane that is?”

I do. But do you know what else is insane?”

You still haven’t told me no.”

Logan is a Lawyer. His brother Cole and his self own the company. He is definitely a alpha male, sexy as sin, and loves the human body, doesn't matter if it's male or female. He doesn’t do relationships and wants just about anyone in his bed. Since he laid eyes on Tate he wants him and doesn't care if he's straight he just wants him to try!

You know what you want to do. There’s no one here, and no one is going to come in. Just do it”, he whispered, “Try.”

Logan and Tate's story is full of witty guy-talking banter, the struggles of discovery, life changing situations and the tale surrounding the determination of two domineering men. The sex between them was HOT, EROTIC, and definitely a panty wetter! 

5 Stars

*REVIEW* Do You Believe by L Chapman

 This book takes place during the Christmas holiday. Megan has Lucy and Mark, Jenny has Warren, Conner, Mark's assistant and good friend, had his daughter Kate.
I loved how everyone was together and it was all about traditions and making new ones!!

I still need more!! The author did a great job on all of the books! If you haven't read them yet, I suggest you do!!

4 Stars

*REVIEW* Veiled by L Chapman

 Jenny and Rich are suppose to be getting married. She has almost everything done and can't wait to be married. The only problem is, she knows there is something going on with him and she can't quite figure it out.

She ends up having a one night stand with Warren. Sweet as sin Warren feels a connection with her. Jenny tells him it can never happen again and she has to tell Rich. Little does she know, Rich has something of his own to share.

This story is amazing. I seriously wanted to jump thru the book and strangle Rich myself! 

I can't wait to read more!!

4 Stars

*REVIEW* Trust by L Chapman

 Wow. This story was amazing.
Megan is pregnant and single.She meets Mark while she is out with her best friend Jenny.

Mark is so sweet!! He feels an instant connection to Megan and wants to be around her.

I really liked this story! It was a short yet great read for me. Mark was so swoon worthy and caring. I love that he just wanted to be with Megan. If you haven't read this yet, you need to! Onto the next part!

4 Stars

Redeemed by L. Chapman Release Day Blitz!

Megan’s life has been anything but simple. She’s always lived amongst chaos, and for once, she just wants it all to stop. After years of lies and agony, will anything work out for her?
In this heart-gripping third installment of the Believe series, watch Megan discover love again, and not just any love, but one worth fighting for, one that makes her feel different, cherished, wanted, and treasured. For Megan, Mark is the one to give her all of that and has brought a new meaning to her life and a new reason to live.
The old saying, "Nothing comes easy in life," holds true to this story, which is packed with unexpected twists and turns. For Megan and Mark, it pushes their love to new heights. Will the love they share for each other keep their relationship strong, or does Megan’s string of erroneous luck run out?

Buy Now

The Believe Series
All Currently on SALE for $.99

About the Author
L. Chapman was born in and continues to live in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. She has spent most of her life helping others as a health care assistant, and was, at one time, a DJ for a special needs club. Blending her love of helping others and her love of children, L dreams to one day own and operate a childcare nursery that will help mainstream special needs children with others.
In the rare times that L. is not working to help others or maniacally writing, she enjoys making a mess of things while creating beautifully detailed greeting cards. She spends time relaxing with family, friends, and good books. L. loves to travel and has been to many places in the United Kingdom; her favorite places all involve the ocean. She hopes to one day share a kiss with her happily-ever-after in the romantic shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Should she ever get over her fear of flying, those kisses may be shared in the shadows of the Egyptian Pyramids.
Ever the fussy eater, L. has never once tasted peanut butter, and she despises coffee. If you should feel the need to bribe her, it is suggested that you bring chocolate, as that is one of her know weaknesses.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

*BLOG TOUR* Blue Moon by Pat Spence



  Blue Moon (The Blue Crystal Trilogy) by Pat Spence Book blurb: 

“Forget vampires,” he laughed dismissively. “Who wants to drink blood for eternity? What we have discovered is far more seductive and a great deal more dangerous…” When 17-year old Emily Morgan meets beautiful but strange Theo de Lucis, there is an immediate attraction between them. But what is his secret? What ancient link ties him to Emily? And what is the significance of the Blue Moon Ball? As Emily is drawn irrevocably into the glamorous and mysterious world of the de Lucis family, so she is forced to change every perception she has ever had about life, love, aging and death. The truth is terrifying and the consequences unthinkable… A supernatural horror story, based on society’s obsession with aging and the desire for eternal youth, Blue Moon is the first book in the ‘Blue Crystal’ trilogy…


  Check out the book trailer -   

 Blue Moon has received over 23 five star reviews, here's some of the comments Blue moon has received. By JGH 5/5* Verified Purchase - Excellent first novel. Exciting and original ideas which leave you guessing what's coming next. Gripping to the end. Looking forward to book 2. By Lou 5/5* - Verified Purchase - Really enjoyed this book, great Twilight feel to the book with a very dark side. Never read a book like it before and it kept me gripped to the end. Looking forward to book 2 :) By Jim 5/5* - Verified Purchase - Great story, well written, really good to read - enjoyed it very much - looking forward to the next book   image image 

  Meet the Author


 Pat Spence is a freelance writer and ex- magazine editor. She has worked as a copywriter in advertising agencies, a freelance trainer teaching personal development and a massage therapist/aromatherapist. She is married with a daughter, and has a degree in English Literature. 'Blue Moon' is her fictional debut, a supernatural love story about a strange family, with an ancient secret, who arrives in an English village to renovate an old manor house. When local girl, 17-year old Emily Morgan, falls for the glamorous and mysterious Theo, she is forced to change every perception she has ever had about life, love, aging and death. This is the first book in the 'Blue Crystal' trilogy, which takes its inspiration from the Victorian classic 'She' by Rider Haggard, a story about eternal youth. In our current youth-obsessed society, the theme seems more appropriate than ever... 'True Blue' and 'Into the Blue' are to follow. Come like The Blue Crystal Facebook page -   

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

*REVIEW* Set Me Free by Melissa Pearl

 *We were gifted a copy for a honest review*

Set me free picked up where I Know Lucy ended. 

Lucy has been on the run for years trying to hide from the person who killed her parents in front of her. After running away again she can't stop but think about the one person she truly cares about...Zack.

Zack will do anything to make sure Lucy is safe again even if that means getting everyone involved to take down the killer and clear Lucy's name.

Can Lucy open up and trust everyone who is putting their own life on the line or will she do what she does

I really enjoyed Set Me Free! It picked up where the first left off and i got all the answers i was looking for. This is a emotional read. Some parts were heartwarming and some just gave you the chill. You will be left on the edge of your seat wanting more the whole time!!

5 Stars!!!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

*COVER REVEAL* Letters Home by Rebecca Brooke

Letters Home

by: Rebecca Brooke
Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 10, 2014


Life is all about the jigsaw, right? Finding the different puzzle pieces to complete your very own picture. A career you love, a house to make a home, a lover to complete you, and keep you warm at night.

Danielle Renton has a life, and she loves it. A recent law school graduate, she’d been floored when her boyfriend, Nate Lewis, enlisted during their sophomore year of college. At the time, she’d been concerned with what that meant for them as a couple, but in the years that followed, they’d learned to adapt to the logistics of an army relationship.

But when life throws her a curve ball, how will she cope? Can she pick up the pieces and make her picture beautiful again? Or does she realize that, sometimes, the pieces can be too broken to fit back together…

About the Author:

Rebecca Brooke grew up in the shore towns of South Jersey.
She loves to hit the beach, but always with her kindle on hand. She is married
to the most wonderful man, who puts up with all of her craziness. Together they
have two beautiful children who keep her on her toes. When she isn’t writing or
reading (which is very rarely) she loves watch SOA, TrueBlood, and The Walking

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Monday, May 26, 2014

*REVIEW* Raising Ryann by Alyssa Rae Taylor

 This story is about Reese and Luke
Reese Johnson is a 20 year old college student with a good head on her shoulders. She lived through a childhood that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy but instead of being a victim she has turned her life around and is attending college and teaches self defense to young kids. She has had a huge crush on her childhood hero.

Luke Ryann has had a horrible childhood growing up. He is a MMA fighter. Tired of the fame and girls he decides to take a break for awhile. While taking a break he goes to help out his childhood foster parents gym, where he is partnering up with Reese...the only thing is she doesn't know its really her childhood hero. Luke is a sexy alpha bad boy who you just can't help falling for.

"Oh, and just so you know, when we train together ..." He smirks, then leaning in, he whispers against my ear, "I’m the one in control."

Everything about this story captured my attention. I fell in love from the very first page! Reese's character was one of the things I liked, she never let anything hold her back. Luke was such a protector you wouldn't have believed a bad boy could be so sweet.
"I'm in love with you," he growls. "Can't you see that? I live and breathe you. I bleed you."
I'm really looking forward to reading book 2!! If I could give this book 100 stars I would!
5 stars.

*BLOG TOUR* Resisting Ryann by Alyssa Rae Taylor

Resisting Ryann Blog Tour Banner Synopsis USA Today Bestselling author Alyssa Rae Taylor amplifies the angst-filled love story that started in RAISING RYANN. What happens when the person you love becomes threatened by your very existence? How far will you go to keep them safe? Luke Ryann will do anything to protect the woman he loves, even if it means shattering her heart. When the mystery of his past comes back to haunt him, he leaves Reese behind and enters the life of crime he had worked so hard to escape. When all is said and done, will he be able to get out of this alive, or will he be in over his head? She’s been in love with him since her childhood, but now she questions everything. After Reese Johnson discovers Luke’s disappearance has nothing to do with the MMA, she faces a difficult choice. Can she find it in her heart to forgive him? Or will the secrets and lies be too damaging for her to trust again? Will this couple ever have a chance? You know what they say. Sometimes … love just isn’t enough. RESISTING RYANN is the second book in the Bad Boy Reformed Trilogy.This story isn’t just a romance. It’s filled with action, suspense, mystery, and a touch of humor. Recommended for mature readers due to situations of abuse, violence, language, and sexual content. Meet the Author 7142650USA Today Bestselling author Alyssa Rae Taylor lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, their three daughters, and two English bulldogs. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and watching Sam & Dean Winchester fight off scary creatures on the WB. She enjoys stories that tug at her emotions and isn't a fan of the insta-love type of romance. Her dream is to travel the world with her husband and children beside her. The first time she started writing, she couldn't stop, which leads to now, and the publication of her first novel in the Bad Boy Reformed Series, Raising Ryann. Social Links
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*We were gifted a copy for a honest review*

This is book 2 of the Bad Boy Reformed Series and starts where book 1 ended.

Reese is trying to mend her broken heart and move on while reconnecting with her father. She starts to hang out with her neighbor Sean and realizes he makes it better. Logan does not like it at all!!!

Luke is living threw hell and doing anything he can to protect the girl he loves more then anything in this world. He wants to badly to see her but cant risk putting her in danger.

If I have to fight for you, I will, no matter which path you choose, because the way I see it, you're mine. You'll always be mine.”

When tragedy strikes and misunderstanding are heard everything will be ripped from them.

I'll respect your wishes and leave you alone, but I'm not going to stop loving you.” He gives a sardonic laugh. “I never could.”

Alyssa Rae Taylor did not disappoint! I was a ball of emotions threw out this whole book! There wasn't a part that I wasn't crying or laughing. I really enjoyed Resisting Ryann and really looking forward to book 3!!!  

5 Stars

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