Wednesday, December 3, 2014

*Review* A Love Rekindled by Sharon Cummin

 This book was definitely a must read.

Jessica is a single mom to a six year old little boy. She works hard, and leaves no room for a social life. At a friend's Christmas party, she runs into an old flame.

Luke is an ex-pro football star. He had his heart broken by his high school sweetheart the day he was leaving for college. After an injury that left him no longer able to play football, he moves back home with his mom. 
He agrees to a blind date, who he is taking to the Christmas party. 
At the Christmas party, Jessica and Luke meet again. She gets jealous, and hightails it out of there. Luke, who's curious about a conversation they had at the party, does some investigating. He runs into her sister Renee who tells him to talk to Jessica.

It's a steamy reunion with love, laughs, and tears. 

It's definitely a 5star book.

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