*Review* Everything But by Jade C. Jamison

 Erin has sworn off men. She's tired of dealing with their infidelities and being taken advantage off. Her degree didn't exactly get her the job she wanted, but it was something. Having sworn off men, never in a million years did she think a popular crush of hers would end up being her date for a cause.
Riley is a rock star. They last thing he is looking for is a relationship. He may be a carefree rocker, but he has feelings too. His past and relationship with his parents, has him not wanting to get into anything... until he sees Erin.

This book was amazing. I have a huge love for rocker books, and this book has me loving them even more! I felt bad for Riley because even though he can be arrogant, he is sweet. I admit, I did swoon a few times. I am so glad that they both fought for what they wanted. Also, and this is a big thing, I will NEVER look at the game Monopoly the same again! Not in a bad way though!

Jade has once again captured my attention with her awesome writing. From the very first page I couldn't wait to find out more! This is definitely a top favorite of mine now!!

5 out of 5 stars


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