Review: Treasured by Delisa Lynn

Lila has always had a crush on Liam, even when she was dating someone else. When they finally get together, Liam announces that he's going into the army. Knowing She is going away to college, Lila goes with the flow and stands by her man. What she doesn't expect, is to becomes very close with a new friend, Evan.

While Liam is away, tragedy strikes. Not knowing what to do, Lila leans on Evan. He is there for her in more ways then one.

When your heart loves more then one person at a time, things become complicated. In order to be happy, Lila has to let one or both go.

This is a definite must read. The tolls I went thru reading this are just crazy! I fell in love with Liam from the beginning but I have a soft spot for Evan too!  What happens in Lila's crazy life? You'll have to read and find out!!

5 out of 5 stars!


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