Review: Undeserving by Gladys Quintal

All of her life, Bree had been treated badly by men. According to her mother, it was just the way it was with the women in her family and there was no point in trying to fight it. There was no sense in dreaming about Prince Charming right out of the story books, he just didn't exist. She had to accept her fate and move on. It was as simple as that.

Bree craved love. She longed for a man to promise her his heart and soul and protect her from the monsters that she had grown accustomed to. She prayed that her mother was wrong and that one day he would find her.

Bree grew up in an abusive household. It's the only thing she's ever known. She vowed that she would someday find someone the opposite of that.

Greg is sweet, charming, rich and handsome. I guess you can say looks can be very deceiving.

Bree quickly finds out that Greg isn't who she thought he was. She can't stand him but keeps up the facade so no one finds out... Except ppl close to her suspect it.

From the very first page, I was hooked! I wanted more and couldn't turn the pages fast enough! I really felt for Bree. I cannot believe it ended the way it did! U need the next book asap! I love finding books by authors whose work I haven't read before. I will definitely be reading all of this authors books!!

5 out of 5 stars!


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