Sunday, June 15, 2014

*REVIEW* Forget Me Not by Sarah Daltry

We were gifted a copy for an honest review.
Lily has been with Derek since the night he walked in on her and gave her the thing she wanted the most....HIM. Everything about their relationship is perfect now Lily is off to college and they will finally be separate.
Into the semester Lily feels like her and Derek are drifting apart and she doesn't know where to turn. Derek breaks his promise of coming to see her for her birthday...she's hurt.
Now we have Jack, he is a loner with one best friend Alana. His life is complicated! He doesn't want a relationship he thinks he doesn't deserve one, that hes not good enough. After constantly running into each other Lily asked Jack to go some where. They ended up back in his room for a night of wild sex to make her forget! That night turns into a week. On Lily's birthday she gets a night she will never forget! A hot, erotic, and sexy as hell night with Jack and Alana!
Things are going great and Derek shows up! Who will she choose a person she has spent a week with? Or her first love? Don't miss out on this incredible story!
5 Stars

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