*Review* Rhett by JS Cooper

Rhett and Clementine have been best friends since they were little and it all started with a note..

Do you want to be my best friend?



She responded with a “Maybe” and that was the beginning of our friendship.

Clemmie is ready to move on with her life. All these years she has worried about studying now she wants to date. She has secretly had a crush on Rhett since she was little but he never saw her as anything but a friend. She was saving her self for the perfect person so she decided to start dating.

Rhett is a player, a womanizer, he's hot as hell and everyone wants him. His best friend is Clemmie, she has always been by his side. No one understands their relationship. When Clemmie starts dating a guy Rhett doesn't understand why he is having the feelings about his best friend that he is.

Will acting on these feeling ruin a great friendship? Or will it make the relationship so much better?

I have read everyone one of JS Coopers book and I swear they just keep getting better! She never disappoints!
5 Stars


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