Thursday, June 19, 2014

*REVIEW* Master of Passion by Nikki Faye

*I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review*
Layla was the perfect daughter she did everything her parents wanted her too. When she met Kevin she was so happy! They were great together and she was so happy. Her wedding night everything chanced and Kevin finally showed his true colors. Everything she has known about him was a lie! He kidnaps girls, trains them, then sells them to the highest bidder. Layla has had to deal with physical and mental abuse for the past 4 years. Finally she has the opportunity to escape and get away from him so she does.
Kevin couldn't deal with his dad anymore so he did the only thing he knew. He made his house catch on fire and faked his own death to escape. He changed his name to Kevin and disappeared. After searching he finally finds the girl he has been looking for...Layla. After years of making her fall in love with him and making her his he finally breaks her into what he wants a sub. He isn't just any master he is evil! He's takes out all his aggression and pain on her.
Josh has had a hard life, after dealing with the death of his brother and multiple surgeries to fix the burn marks and scars he will never be the same. He becomes a firefighter so he can save people. He feels guilty of his brother dying in the house fire because he came back in to save him. Josh and his friends open their own club. He doesn't want to settle down, he goes threw subs like they are nothing. He thinks he is going crazy because he can't stop thinking about this beautiful angel.
This is not your lovey, heart, kind of story. It's dark and erotic. You will read about abuse, rape, kidnapping, slaves and threesomes. This is a great story and will leave you craving more. Can a guy who doesn't want a commitment finally commit? Can a terrified women who has been abused for years finally trust someone?
5 Stars

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