Rise of the True Immortal by Chelsea Ballinger

 *I was given a copy for an honest review*

This is the first book in the First Blood Series.

Jericho is a 21 year old boy who is dying from stage four Leukemia. He has gone threw treatment but there is no use they don't work. He is alone in the world with no friends or family. He was found in the woods as a infant. The only thing he knew was his name because it was tattooed to his arm since he was a baby.

He has always felt different and out of place. Until one day while at the bar he ran into a guy named Mathias. Mathias takes him to a lounge/bar he owns so they could talk. At that very second Jericho's life is about to change. Everything he ever thought was wrong, now he gets to find out the truth of who he is.

In this story you learn about death, depression, hatred, friendship, soul-mates and sacrifice. Once Jericho lays eyes on Sky everything seems real. There is something about her that draws him to her. The chemistry between the two is undeniable! He wants her but she is promised to someone else.

Rise Of The Immortal is a fantastic book! It captures your attention from page one and leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting more! Ms Ballinger is a phenomenal writer and won't disappoint! This book is definitely worth a one-click!!

Now that being said I will not be so patently waiting for book 2!!! :)PLEASE HURRY!

5 Stars!!!!


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