*REVIEW* Star Of Bethlehem by Sarah Daltry

 *We were gifted a copy for a honest review*

Star of Bethlehem follows Forget Me Not and Lily of the Valley.

On New Year's Eve Lily's parents throw a huge party at their house. Lily is curious about what her parents will think of Jack not that it would change her mind.

Jack is very nervous about meeting Lily's parents wondering if they will except him and see him as good enough.

Lily is scared of Jack coming to the house and seeing where she lives, two completely different backgrounds will only make him think they don't belong together.
Everything is going good during the party until people show up and somethings are said that both hurt Jack and Lily!

This book was great! You get to see how much passion is in their relationship, how they don't let peoples words break them apart, how Jack is finally getting excepted by some people.

5 Stars


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