Bender by Stacy Borel


What can I say about this book? Well lets just say that Stacy Borel DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!
I was waiting... very impatiently I add... for this book to go live! You know when you turn out to be an Amazon stalker, waiting to one click? Yeah that was totally me!! I wont deny it!!!
Ok, so Keegan is usually left to take care of her sister and her studies are taking a toll because of it. Her best friend, Macie, suggests that she moves out to gain some freedom. She looks at a few and the final one is a good one to her. The good looking guy, Dodger, shows her everything. He is friendly and she likes it there... Little does she know that its actually his brothers place. I seriously laughed out loud when Camden appeared, with his rude and ignorant self!
Now, there's Camden, Dodgers brother. At first I laughed, then I wanted to punch him and then I swooned. Yes, in that exact order!!! He was arrogant and had a chip on his shoulder! I wanted to smack him! I have no idea how she even dealt with him for that long!
I am not even going to get into the rest because I would literally tell the entire story!!
The cover is just.... WOW!!! Shawn Dawson is a major hottie. Totally and undeniably lickable! Yes, I said lickable. I mean have you seen that man?! Whew!! You are perfect for the cover Shawn!! Yum!
You NEED to read this like ASAP!! It's absolutely amazing!!! You will not be able to put it down!!
Stacy, you once again have made me want to hug you, throw my kindle and make out with the cover all at the same time!!! You are PHENOMENAL at what you do! Please, don't ever stop writing!! EVER!!!
Cannot wait to read the next book!!
This book deserves more than 5 stars!! A million stars is what it should get!


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