Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Destructive Silence By L.U. Ann


Omg. There's so many emotions going thru me right now as I have just finished this book!!!! its hilarious, happy, sad, sexy. steamy, and down right pissed me off. I am in absolute awe of this book!! let me tell you the first few pages I was dying of laughter!! Becc-lish is a crazy language. I was drawn in. From the get go Caine was so sexy and steamy it had me all hot. Then outta nowhere bam the story goes crazy!!! I wanted to jump into this book.., literally!!! I am still in shock! I love Lacey and Becca's friendship!! the way it ended had me sitting there with my mouth literally hanging open!!! what an ending!! I will definitely be waiting for book 2!!!! I wish the rating was higher then 5 stars BC let me tell you right now, it is worth WAY more then just 5 stars!!! I think the author did a phenomenal job writing this book!!!! Amazing!

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