Capturing Peace by Molly McAdams

                               Once again Molly has left me a wreck! A wreck I tell ya!!
Reagan got pregnant at a young age and her douche boyfriend at the time told her she would ruin both their lives and to get rid of it. With the help of her family, She was able to care for her son. She got a job and became the best mom she could. She wasn't looking for love. Heck, she didn't even think she had time for love! All she wanted was for her son, Parker to have the best.
Coen Steele is her brothers best friend. He has demons and tries to fight them. He rarely sleeps. He's heard all about Reagan from her brother, but hasn't met her. Until she turns into him. Literally!! That cracked me up! Coen is just.... how do I explain this? Sex on a stick? Swoonworthy? Hot? Arrogant? Alpha? Hell, he is all of the above and then some!!
Reagan and Coen definitely had their ups and downs. There fights were not pretty at all. You put an alpha and a stubborn woman together and what do you get? Peace. At least for them .
This story just hit me hard. Just like all the other books by this absolutely amazing author, she captures EVERYTHING!! The emotions, the story.. just everything. You cannot help but fall in love with her books and characters!! Once again, Molly has done an OUTSTANDING job. Her books just get better and better!! 
In this, you catch a glimpse of Brody, Coen's other best friend, who will be in "Sharing You". My heart broke for him so bad. I am looking forward to reading this!
Molly, you have once again kicked ass with your amazing skills. And this cover!!! OMG!! It is just beyond words for me!! Its amazing and Tyler is just sexy as hell!  You are a favorite author of mine and each time I read a book of yours, I am completely blown away!! Seriously, a standing ovation for you because you deserve it!
5 million Stars for this book!!!!!



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