Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Destructive Choices by L.U. Ann


Let me start by saying I was waiting impatiently to read this book. And was super excited to get my hands on it!!

The book continues exactly where Book 1 left off.(If you haven't read book 1, you seriously need to, like asap!). I am still in absolute love with this series. I love Lacey and how she finally was able to put her foot down! I still wanted to this book and rip Caine to shreds! He is a complete ass****! I swear he is bi-polar! I'm glad that Lacey had finally found the love and warmth she was looking for. And.... In comes hot and sexy Devon! I loved him!! I wanted to squeeze him. I found it hilarious yet heart warming that he called her sugar pants. Devon is amazing. He had no problem stepping up and wanting to be there without any questions! I LOVED that he put Caine in his place. I don't think I ever screamed out loud like that! :). There was also sadness. Yes, I cried! I just couldn't help it. Its an emotional read. I loved that not only is this a true story (and I am so sorry someone had to go thru that) but you can actually feel every emotion in the authors writing as if you were going thru it too! I also teared up reading the notes at the end of the book. L.U., you once again, have done a phenomenal job! Like an exceptional job!! This is hands down one of the best books/series I have ever read, and I am doing a standing ovation to you. For not only being an amazing author and putting your life into a book, but because you are a strong woman and you survived! Again, the rating is way passed 5 stars me for!!! Xoxo

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