Friday, April 25, 2014

Saving Us by Ashley Johnson


**I was gifted a copy by the author**
This book... DAMN! Seriously! Not even joking!
Sybil is an only child. Her parents died when she was younger and her Grandmother took care of her. She smart and witty. She just wants to finish school. She isnt looking for love. Love actually finds her... well bumps into her.... and then tragedy strikes. It leaves her heartbroken. She doesn't know how to go on. With the help of her friends she is able to regain her strength.
This is not her typical "Awe" story at all...
I am not even going to attempt to say anymore because it would spoil the entire book. This book is no joke and will have you wanting to throw your kindle. You will cry, laugh and LOVE the hell out of this book! The songs... oh man, the songs in this book are beyond perfect and it really gets to you!!!! Within the very first page, I was drawn in! You know the type of book that your up all night reading... Yup this is that book!!! The characters are spot on as is the story!! The author is absolutely AMAZING!!! I thought "Spurs & Stilettos" was amazing, but this is phenomenal!! I seriously have a lady boner for the author! No lie!! I recommend this book to everyone!!! Get your fingers one-clicking this asap!! You will not be disappointed!!! Thank you Ashley Johnson for writing such a fantastic book!!!!
This book is beyond a 5 star read for me!


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