Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just Dessert by Kelly Collins

***We received this book for an honest review***

Were do I even begin....this book was just WOW!!! Let me just say dessert is always yummy!!!

Katarina or Kat is a beautiful college student who has a lot going for her, she is sweet, open and honest. Her room mate Emma is a escort who gives her time in exchange for money. Emma double booked so she begs Kat to go, she finally agrees and will be escorted to the charity function by Damon Noble.
Damon is sex on a stick! He is a wealthy bachelor and a successful businessman who is not interested in relationships. The sexual chemistry between these two characters is very hot, and watching the tension rise was a lot of fun. I loved that they were each willing to experiment with the fantasies of the other. It added an extra level of steam to everything. The supporting characters in this story were also characters that I came to care about.

We highly recommend this book for those looking for a steamy page turner!!! We give this 5 delicious stars!

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