Saturday, May 31, 2014

*REVIEW* Try by Ella Frank

 **I received a copy from author for a honest review**
Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE M/M and Ella did not disappoint!
Tate is the hot bartender that works at the bar Logan goes to after work. He is hot as hell. He's going threw a messy divorce with his wife right now. He hasn't had sex in a year and is hoping he can change that with one of the beautiful women who come into the bar. What he doesn't expect is for Logan to be hitting on him and trying to get him in bed!

It’s like you expect me to flip a switch and just accept that everything I ever believed about myself has changed, and that I should be okay with that. Do you know how insane that is?”

I do. But do you know what else is insane?”

You still haven’t told me no.”

Logan is a Lawyer. His brother Cole and his self own the company. He is definitely a alpha male, sexy as sin, and loves the human body, doesn't matter if it's male or female. He doesn’t do relationships and wants just about anyone in his bed. Since he laid eyes on Tate he wants him and doesn't care if he's straight he just wants him to try!

You know what you want to do. There’s no one here, and no one is going to come in. Just do it”, he whispered, “Try.”

Logan and Tate's story is full of witty guy-talking banter, the struggles of discovery, life changing situations and the tale surrounding the determination of two domineering men. The sex between them was HOT, EROTIC, and definitely a panty wetter! 

5 Stars

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