Thursday, May 29, 2014

*REVIEW* Set Me Free by Melissa Pearl

 *We were gifted a copy for a honest review*

Set me free picked up where I Know Lucy ended. 

Lucy has been on the run for years trying to hide from the person who killed her parents in front of her. After running away again she can't stop but think about the one person she truly cares about...Zack.

Zack will do anything to make sure Lucy is safe again even if that means getting everyone involved to take down the killer and clear Lucy's name.

Can Lucy open up and trust everyone who is putting their own life on the line or will she do what she does

I really enjoyed Set Me Free! It picked up where the first left off and i got all the answers i was looking for. This is a emotional read. Some parts were heartwarming and some just gave you the chill. You will be left on the edge of your seat wanting more the whole time!!

5 Stars!!!

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