*REVIEW* Strings of the Heart by Katie Ashley

**We were given a copy by author for an honest review**

Allison Slater is Jake’s little sister she has had the biggest crush on her brothers best friend Rhys since she was 13 years old. On her 16th birthday she gets up the nerve to ask him for him for a kiss...her first kiss.

Rhys McGowan is the bassist for the band, Runaway Train, and Jake’s, best friend. Rhys other band mates have all settled down and got married with kids but Rhys doesn't want that yet.

One night and a bottle of white tequila everything changes along with their relationship. Allison is heart broken, Rhys regrets and apologizes...nothing will ever be the same. Three months later Allison is on tour with the Runaway Train doing her internship and also being a nanny to her brothers kids.

Being on tour together emotions are running high. Rhys is fighting his feelings to the fullest and Allison is right there calling him out on his shit. This book is full of emotion, love, heartache, friendships are on the line.

Can Rhys finally stop fighting his feelings? Can Allison forgive Rhys for all the heartache that he has put her threw? Does Jake forgive Rhys for breaking the Bro Code and going after his sister?

This book was great and I really look forward to reading more by this author.

5 Star


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