Entrusted by Nicole Edwards


Let me just start off by saying Nicole did not disappoint!!! Every book gets better then the last! Club Destiny is one of my all time favorite series.

I fell in love with Logan and Sam in book 1 of the series. They are happily married and deeply in love. Since the very beginning Logan introduced Sam to his life style by adding a third person. Threw the books youAmcan see something is changing with the happy couple.

Sam loves her husband more then anything but something is missing in their relationship... Sam is tired of having a third person come in out of their lives...they want someone permanent, that's where Logan finds Elijah.

Elijah has a lot of baggage. He has still never recovered from losing his wife Beth to cancer. He still wears his wedding ring, talks to her as if she is still here and doesn't want to move on because he feels he is cheating on her.

Logan brings Eli into their relationship, he is willing to share his wife with him. Let me just say the sex between all three of them is HOT as hell!!! The author never disappoints...each scene just keeps getting more erotic then the last!

Sam and Eli start to develop feelings with one another...Logan doesn't know if he can handle her loving another man, but he knows now is the time to make sure this is what everyone wants. Can Logan calm his fears? Can Elijah finally move on and be happy? Does Sam finally have feel complete?

5 Stars!!!!

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