Liv's Existence by B>L. Mooney

                            **We were provided an Arc in exchange for our honest opinion**
Olivia or Liv, has dealt with something no one should. Its been years since it happened but it replays in her mind all the time. Kyle is her best friend, who she actual loves but is so tainted by what happened to her that she doesn't even realize it.
Abby, is Liv's ex-boyfriends fiancé. Her and Adam meet at Liv's job so he can make amends before they get married. Little does Abby know, that he really did hurt her. In more ways then one.
Kyle has been there for Liv for 3 years. He doesn't know what happened happened to her until recently. Hes been in love with her the entire time but knows that something is wrong.
This story really took a huge toll on me. What starts out as a survival mode for Liv, turns into her becoming best friends with Abby and her helping Liv to actually try and live. Abby is so disgusted by Adam with not only what he did but what he is doing behind her back.
This story is an amazing one! The characters and story are well written. It did break my heart though reading thru not only Liv's pain, but Abby's as well. I love how what started as getting answers, turned into a beautiful friendship. The ending about gutted me. I am need the next book like ASAP! Great job author.\


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