*REVIEW* Tripp by HJ Bellus

Lacey is a witty carefree girl! She is does what she wants when she wants too. She is a rebel, she loves to party and has a mouth on her that is always getting her into trouble!

"Sometimes fucked-up people need to be there for each other. It could be a beautiful train wreck between us, you know."

Tripp is a bad boy and nothing but trouble, he's an addict. He's helping out on his cousins farm and trying to stay out of trouble. The last thing he needs is a relationship but he wants it.

"You are my Princess. I never get the girl and the happy ending. I'm making it happen this time."

One of my favorite quotes is...

You are my fucking drug, Lacey. You are it. I fucking need you to be mine. I. Fucking. Love. You.” He growled.

This book was phenomenal! I just couldn't get enough!! The sex scenes were scorching!!! Lacey and Tripp's story was so real you could feel what they were going threw! Such an emotional read but so worth it!!!


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