Out of Control (Untamed-Part 2) by Victoria Green and Jinsey Reese

                                            **We were gifted this book by the authors**
This is part 2 of 7.
This takes place 3 years later for both Dare and Reagan.
At the end of book one, something happens(I will not say what) and they go their ways. In this book, Reagan is living in Paris. She works at another gallery looking for more artist. She is staying with a friend, who I wanted to punch in the face, that her old boss set her up with while in Paris.
Even after 3 years, she still misses Dare. She spots him and his work. He doesn't forgive so easily. Her parents are still a huge pain but she rarely talks to them. She is set out to live her life free.
This book... OMG!! I thought part 1 was good, but this one was so much better!! It just kept me on my toes!! I LOVE everything about this book. Reagan trying to move on and Dare trying to forgive her. Not to mention, the sex scenes are just beyond hot!! Jins and Tors have such amazing skills! I am super glad to even have to opportunity to read their work! This one blew me away!! Just when it starts getting really good, BAM, its the end of that book. I cannot wait TO READ PART 3. I NEED it like I need water right now!!! I recommend this book hardcore!!! A MUST read!!
No doubt that the rating is above and beyond 5 stars!!


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