*REVIEW* Dark Love by Olivia Howe

 **We received a copy for an honest review**

Nina is a 17 year old girl who has suffered from depression and cutting after her father died. Its been very hard for her. After getting released from the hospital she finally gets to go home to her mother and younger sister Caroline and get her life back on track.

When Nina and her sister start school they meet the gorgeous brothers Andrew and William. There is an instant attraction between Nina and Andrew and the other two Caroline and William. But everything isn't always what it seems! Nina finds out that Andrew and William are keeping a secret and it could change everything. The life she knew isn't what it is.

This story is full of emotions depression, grief, loss, happiness, betrayal, and sacrifice. I was hooked from the very first page!!! This story hits home for me so while reading I could definitely connect with Nina. It amazed me how the author managed to capture me with the style of her writing. I really look forward for reading more from her in the very near future!!

5 Stars

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